The DNA of 4 U ONLY

High school has been a crazy a rollercoaster of high, highs and low, lows. In these moment's of lows; I was in a toxic relationship that prevented me from feeling my best and fully embracing who I was. Bullying is also a big part of my story to the point where it has affected my mental health. In 11th grade I was mixed in with a group of kids who only liked to party and brought negativity, backstabbing, and gossiping into the mix. I was at an all time low in my life because I expected more than what I had received. I began to isolate myself from the world to make one person who made me feel bad for who I was, feel good. I hated seeing myself in that position and feeling so unproductive, because I knew I had so much more to offer, but my fear of doing things alone held me back.I started picking up my act with small things like getting into my old habits of putting on cute outfits, not slouching when I stood in front of the mirror, and overall changing my attitude and that's when things began to change for me. I started investing my time going vintage shopping alone and being comfortable with it, and burying myself in vintage magazines. Fashion became an expression of self-love for me and it made a difference. The last 8 months I have worked my ass to show what I was capable of. I created these jeans as a personal reminder to myself and all the girls and boys who can relate to this lesson. Its 4 U Only to decide what impact you can make in this world.

My message is inclusivity. I want everyone to have a pair of my 4 U jeans. I want girls to feel a part of this world. I don't want it to be this unattainable thing that we all know fashion to be. Growing up in LA I didn't think it was cool seeing all these people wearing things that were not accessible for everyone, but since I'm still a small business I have tried my best to have sizes and options for everyone. There are always going to constraints like getting bigger sizes but this is still a startup and I am working on getting there. It was also really important to not be the face of brand and have it be more of a family and sisterhood that built the DNA of 4 U ONLY.